About Kiegan Blake

Occupational Therapist, M.A. Ed., OTR/L

Kiegan Blake

Occupational Therapist, M.A. Ed., OTR/L

Kiegan has been a registered Occupational Therapist since 1994. She graduated with honors from Queen’s University in Canada and received the Occupational Therapy Award in her graduating year. Kiegan also has a Masters in Education specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. She has worked in almost every type of pediatric setting including intensive care, in-patient, out-patient, home care, early intervention, school system and clinic-based care.

She came to Hawaii in 1998 after working for a number of years at such prestigious institutions as Massachusetts General Hospital and OTA Watertown. She has since provided support for families and schools on all islands.

Kiegan uses a developmental approach that includes assessment of motor, sensory processing, social and self-regulation skills, as well as independence in daily activities. She is known for her extensive experience and integrating strategies around the family or classroom dynamic.

Kiegan developed her specialty in sensory processing early in her career and was the only practitioner with a sensory clinic in Hawaii for a number of years. Families from all islands continue to seek services at her Maui clinic.

She trained over a 8-year period at the DIR Institute and reach faculty status, where she provided training and mentorship to other professionals nationally and internationally. DIR Floortime is a methodology that focuses on building the child’s social relatedness skills. There is a strong emphasis in coaching families on strategies that they can infuse into the child’s daily life at home.

Her years of mental health training has influenced her methodologies in that she includes the family right from the start, with the goal being to educate them about what can be implemented in the home, school or community. Her training in Applied Behavior Analysis allows her to integrate behavioral interventions while considering all of the other developmental aspects of a child’s profile.

Kiegan is a well known public speaker and provides training and seminars within Hawaii for health professionals, educators and caregivers to effectively address children’s behavioral challenges and build lifelong skills.

Kiegan’s published work includes:
Sensory Processing Challenges in Children in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners
Sensory Processing Disorder in the Sixty Second Parent
Ongoing articles in Maui Family Magazine

Kiegan’s vast experience includes:

  • SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests) Certified
  • DIR Floortime practitioner and trainer
  • Treating Praxis (Motor Planning) Challenges and building Executive Function skills
  • The occupational therapy Astronaut training program and Interventions for balance and spatial skills
  • Certified in Therapeutic Listening, an auditory training intervention
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions
  • Advanced Feeding Therapy interventions
  • TEACCH training & Other Visual Strategies
  • PECs for communication